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HCL3T (1171) Luxury Flagship Package

$1,647.00 - $1,677.00
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Product Description

The Hermle HCL3T (1171) Luxury Flagship Package consists of Hermle's 1171 Flagship movement, and luxury components. All components are also available for purchase separately; however, the package price of $1647 normally includes plain weights. We are offering a free upgrade to banded weights (value of $50) when purchasing this package.

Included in this package are:

  • Hermle HCL3T (1171) triple chime, cable driven movement with Automatic Night Shut Off Feature. (Movement includes chime rods, weights and shells, all mounting hardware, hands, crank to wind clock and instructions.) This is the Flagship movement, similar to the 1161 (HC3T), with the exception of the movement being a bit bigger and heavier gauge. Chime selection is Westminster, St. Michael's, Whittington, or Silent. Night Shut Off will automatically silence chimes nightly between 10:00pm and 7:00am
  • DJ24TA or DJ24TR Arabic or Roman Luxury Dial with see through center.
  • HLP5 Pendulum with 10-1/2" disc and fancy center matching the see through dial.
  • Banded Weight Shells (free upgrade from plain weight shells as mentioned above)

NOTE 1: HLP2 6-1/2" Disc Pendulum is also available for those with a narrower clock case that won't allow for the pendulum swing needed by the larger pendulum. The HLP2 is $30 less. If you require this pendulum, please make your choice of narrower pendulum from the drop down menu prior to adding to cart.

NOTE 2: This combination of items will be shipped in multiple parcels. If shipping suggested by the website is not accurate, we will adjust the amount at invoicing and you will not be charged until we have finalized the amounts and it is ready to ship. Website shipping calculator tends to overestimate slightly as we would rather reduce overages in shipping when invoicing, than have to ask for more.


For Customs purposes only when shipping across the border, we must display the individual breakdown of items as follows:

Movement Only $1075.00

Plain Polished Brass Weights and Shells $89.00 (+$50 for banded shells if not purchased as a package. Free upgrade to banded shells with package).

Chime Rods $60.00

Winding Crank & Mounting Parts $25.00

Wooden Stick and Brass Disc Pendulum $10.00 (If not purchasing a lyre pendulum. If purchasing a lyre pendulum, you won't receive the wood pendulum and you will get the $10 value off the lyre price)

Luxury See Through Dial $259.00 

Matching Luxury Lyre Pendulum $159.00 (after $10 deduction for standard wood pendulum), OR

Plain Polished Brass Lyre Pendulum (with smaller 6-1/2" disc) $129.00 (fits waisted/narrower width clock cases that cannot support the swing of a 10-1/2" disc).

Please Note, this package will be shipped in multiple parcels. If estimated shipping at checkout is higher than actual shipping, we will adjust this amount on your invoice PRIOR to charging you.


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