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grandfather clock kitsDear Customer,

Welcome to Arek's Murray Clocks Inc. I am Arek, and as many of you may know, I have been the manager and front person of Murray Clock Craft Ltd for over three decades. I started with Murray Clock in 1978, working for the founder of the company, William Murray. In 1994, Daniel Kesselring bought the company and I had the honour of continuing there with him for 18 years as well. Sadly, Mr. Kesselring passed away unexpectedly this summer, and Murray Clock Craft Ltd. had to close its doors for good.

Since clocks have been my life for so long, I have started my own company, built on years of experience in this industry. I am sure most of you have talked to "Arek" over the years for assistance in your projects, or advice in creating an heirloom for your families. I aim to give you the best service I can, regardless of the dollar amount you spend. To those of you that are new customers, thank you for choosing Arek's Murray Clocks for your clock needs. I am sure we will become friends as time goes by.

Best Regards to All,
Arek Voscorian
Arek's Murray Clocks Inc.

Clock Kits

Grandfather Clock Kits,
Grandmother Clock Kits,
Grandaughter Clock Kits,
Wall Clocks,
Mantel Clocks,
Puzzle Clocks,
Skeleton Clocks,
Musical Clocks...

AND More than sixty different
Clock Movements, and twice that many Dials and Number Combinations!

Clock Parts

Canada's Largest clock kit company! We produce the finest quality clock case kits and components for clients who demand cases of fine-furniture quality.

Clock movements of all sorts: weight-driven, spring-driven, and battery-powered mechanisms.

Clock hardware, hard to make clock parts, bevelled glass for clock kits, clock hands, everything you'll need to buid your own clock!

Clock Plans

If you find great pleasure and satisfaction in building from scratch our clock plans are for you. Purchase the clock plans with full details and material lists . Along with our Clock Plans we also sell the full size drawings.

find a large selection of clock plans for all our clock kits.

Online Clock Store

For hobbyists and professionals in Canada, the United States, and around the world. Our website, our paper catalogue, and our toll-free line make it easy for you to order anytime, anywhere. We'll ship your items promptly, and well packed.

grandfather clocksfinished clocks clock handsDesign Your Own Clock... To make a complete clock, select a clock kit case, a movement and a clock dial. Reading our product descriptions carefully will help you ensure the components you choosing are compatible. By selecting components separately, you'll enjoy a far fuller range of options then the common "all-in-one" clock kit companies offer.

clock kitsAbout our Clock Store... Once you enter our "Online Clock Kit Store" you can begin at any of the shopping links.

We deal worldwide, offering our clients the finest in quality Clock Kits and Components

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