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Arek's Murray Clocks Inc



Customer Corner

Welcome to our gallery of Customer Clocks. We are so happy to see all the beautiful clocks our customers have made from components purchased from us, and are proud to display these one of a kind pieces.

If you would like your clock displayed as well, please send us an email with a picture of your clock, and a line or two giving us permission to use the image on our website. We will put a small caption on the picture stating your first name only, and Province/State/Country/Year Made.

Please note, we have been collecting these pictures for a few years, and are always in the process of adding new ones so if you don't see your picture, we may not have gotten to it yet. If after a while you don't see your picture, we may have missed it, so please do let us know and we will be happy to put it up right away. We want all our customers to feel appreciated and know that we are proud of the work they have done!

We hope you enjoy these pictures, and that they inspire you to create something just as  lovely.



  ray-laws-marj-s-new-clock-3-.jpg        brent-s.-longbottom-school-house-for-website.jpg





andynelson.jpeg   michaelorralbequerquenm.jpg