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Hermle Triple Chime "Flagship" - Grandfather Cable (HCL3T)

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Product Description

Our HCL3T is the Hermle Flagship 8-day Triple Chime Cable Driven Movement. Made of heavier metal and having thicker plates than the 1161 movement, it also has an Automatic Night Shut Off feature as well as a 4/4 Silence feature. The Automatic Night Shut Off, when engaged, will stop the movement from chiming between the hours of 10pm and 7am daily. The 4/4 Silence Feature, which is not found on the 1161 model, gives you the ability to silence the melodies on the quarter hours and only strike each hour, if desired. The Hermle Reference # (stamped on back of movement) is 1171-850-114cm.

Depth 8.2" , Width 11" , Pendulum Length 43.25".

Complete Movement ($1259.00) includes:

  • Movement Only $1075.00* (FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY - NO PARTS INCLUDED)
  • Weights and Shells $89.00
  • Chime Rods $60.00
  • Mounting Hardware $25.00
  • Wooden Stick and Brass Disc Pendulum $10.00 (Note: If you opt for a lyre pendulum upgrade instead of the standard pendulum, you will receive $10 off the price of the lyre pendulum chosen. Please select "purchased with movement" option on the pendulum page for the discount to be automatically deducted.)

*To order just the movement for replacement purposes, please choose the "Movement Only" option from the menu above. This assumes you already have a clock with the same components where the movement needs to be replaced, but your weights, chime rods etc. are still fine. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED PARTS WHEN ORDERING MOVEMENT ONLY.

Please also note that we do not normally sell the movement parts separately. The above breakdown is for customs purposes when shipping over the border. If you need to replace some individual parts due to damage or loss, please call us and we can help you with that.

Before ordering a replacement, please ensure the Hermle number matches the one on the back of your original movement, otherwise your other parts may not fit the replacement movement.


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