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Lamb's Wool Dusters

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Product Description

Introducing Lamb's Wool Dusters

Are you confused on how to clean all the dust that inevitably settles on your clock without making it shake so much the pendulum stops or everything seems to rattle around? The Lamb's Wool Duster is made from the finest virgin Merino lambs wool which contains natural lanolin oils that attract and hold dust like a magnet. It is equipped with a hardwood handle and a leather hanging strap.

This environmentally safe dusting tool, which works effectively without the use of chemicals, is unlike other types of dusters both man made and natural, ie: Synthetic Fibres or Ostrich Feather. Lamb's Wool dusters will not push dust around only for you to inhale it, and have it settle back on your furniture just minutes after you're done. They are also durable enough to handle the toughest dusting chore, yet will never scratch delicate surfaces. This is why we think the Lamb's Wool Duster is the perfect tool to use when trying to clean your clocks. The bonus is that you can use it for a whole host of other cleaning applications, as described below!

Lamb's Wool Duster Cleaning Instructions:

After cleaning everything in sight, the Lamb's Wool duster will need some cleaning itself. Please follow the steps below to ensure your Lamb's Wool Duster lasts for many, many years!

After Each Use

You can give the duster a quick vacuum to get the dust off, and then twirl the duster's handle between your hands for a few seconds to fluff it back into shape. Alternatively, you can twirl the duster between your hands outside to release the dust if you're vacuum is not handy at the moment.

In Depth Cleaning (if your duster has accumulated some grime that won't shake off).

1. Fill a sink with warm water and 2 tbsp. dish-washing soap.

2. Dip the lambswool duster repeatedly in the soapy water to break up and remove dust and dirt.

3. Drain the sink. Rinse the lambswool duster with cold water. Wring the duster gently with your hands.

4. Pour 1 Tbsp. of glycerin onto the duster. Work the glycerin into the lambswool duster's fibers to restore any oils washed away. Glycerin is readily available at drug, retail, hardware, and home improvement stores.

5. Place the duster on a large towel to air dry, or hang from a laundry rack. Once dry, twirl the lambswool duster between your hands as in the "After Each Use Cleaning Directions" to restore the item to its original shape and fullness.

With a little care, your Kiwi Kleener can easily last for years (ours is going on 6 years!).


 10" SMALL - great for mantle of shelf clocks, car dashboards, computers/keyboards, RVs, plants, ornaments. Item Code: LWD-10($19.99)

 24" MEDIUM - blinds, louvered doors, fine furniture, collectibles, clocks, general household dusting. Item Code: LWD-24($29.99)

 48" LARGE - floor clocks, ceilings, fans, lighting fixtures, bookcases, fine art. Item Code: LWD-48($39.99)

 94" EXTENDIBLE - (2 pieces joined together for cleaning, and then disassembled/clipped together for storage - beautifully cleans vaulted ceilings, chandeliers,     ceiling fans, beams, recessed lights, and any other hard to reach, higher than usual places. Item Code: LWD-94($49.99)

HANDY TIP on the Extendible Duster:
From our experience, the 94" Extendible can feel a bit wobbly due to it's height when assembled. If you don't like the wobble, you can either grip it higher up to have more control over it, or put a piece of masking, or painter's tape around the joint while you clean. It will still wobble, but will lessen the chance of the two pieces separating during more vigorous cleaning. When you are done, the tape is easy to remove so it can be disassembled once again for storage.

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