German High-Torque Quartz Movement

Our German High-Torque Quartz Movement is the most powerful high-torque movement on the market today. This compact "AA" battery powered movement is manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany, known for generations of quality clock movements.

The hour and minute hands are not included in the price. Choose the size of hands you need (below), and have fun designing a clock that is easily read from almost anywhere. Second hand not available.

PHOTO: hands1

4 Hand Styles - Only for use with high-torque movements. Available in black only.
HHT3200B: 17-1/2"
HHT3193B: 8"
HHT1208B: 7"
PHOTO: hht1474 HHT1474: 12"


  • 2-1/4"w by 2-1/4"h by 5/8"d

Features: Operates on 1 "AA" battery (Not included)

  • Compact size
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Made in Germany


For dials

Shaft Length


Up to:



3/8" thick 7/16" 13/16"

PHOTO: high torque High torque pendulum drive

This heavy-duty pendulum drive is nothing short of amazing! It will operate our LPH94B/LPH94C Grandmother Lyre pendulum (page34), HLP2 Grandfather Lyre pendulum (page32) and LPB3 Quartz stick Lyre pendulum (page 41). Specification: 8-3/8 H x 3" W x 2-1/8"D (212mm x 762mm x 540mm), 1 D cell battery (not included)

Radio Controlled Clock Movement

PHOTO: radio movement

This is the most accurate clock technology in the world today! This unique movement has a built-in radio receiver that monitors the WWV low-frequency time signal that is broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado. It will adjust itself automatically to the time of the Cesium Atomic Clock which shows that exact time according to the national time standard. You never have to change to daylight savings time, the movement does it by itself. Hands included in price as shown. Minute hand length 3-1/8.

Practical Consideration

Because of the nature of radio signals, reception of the signal will vary. Performance will be affected inside metal buildings and the use of metal clock dials and/or cases should be avoided. Pricing includes a free set of hour and minute hands and clock hardware.




For dials
up to:

Shaft length

Shaft length

RCQ 2-1/4x 3-5/8x 11/16 3/8" thick 7/16" 13/16"

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