Miniature Quartz Battery Movements
Battery movements come complete with mounting nuts, hanger and washers. Second hands are available in red, black or brass and are included in the price of the movement. Please specify which type and size you require (see page 44 ). These movements take an "AA" size battery (not included) and will operate for about one year before the battery needs to be replaced. With these miniature movements, a little clock can be made out of so many things! They are suitable for all clocks with up to a 9" diameter dial. We have seen everything from a phonograph record to a lacquered piece of toasted bread being used as a dial. All of our cases provide for 1/4" plywood dial board, therefore the BQ3S (short) should be used.

PHOTO: Miniature Quartz Battery Movements...BQ3
BQ3S (short)
BQ3L (long)
BQ3XL (extra long)
Made in USA. Size: 2-1/8" W x 2-1/8" H x 5/8" D (54 x 54 x 16 mm). On/Off switch. Step second hand.

Heavy Duty Quartz
Battery Movement

A heavy duty battery movement suitable for powering a minute hand in excess of 5.5" (140 mm). While our other movements will take hands up to 6" (152 mm), we recommend the use of this movement for hands over 5" (127 mm), which must be made of aluminum or have a counterbalance.

PHOTO:  Heavy Duty Quartz Battery Movement

PHOTO:  Mounting Instructions

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