The Belleville

Wall Clock
W40E C- Precut Cherry:
W40E 0- Precut Oak:
W40P- Plans:

The Belleville reflects the design of the Orleans Grandfather clock. This elegant wall clock shows a graceful play of straight and curved lines. The crown moulding, which the base, gently swoops towards the centre, with the upper section of the door echoing it, while below, the inside bottom door shape reflects this curve. Simply half -rounded turned pilaster adorn the outside edges of the solid cherry or oak clock case. Bevelled glass available (BGW40).

Specifications W40E

Height 43" ( 1100 mm)
Width 18" (460 mm)
Depth 8" (200 mm)
Weight 20 lbs. ( 9.1 kg)

Case Kit W40E

W40E O Oak W40E C Cherry

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Royal Windsor

PHOTO: Royal Windsor Regulator cherry PHOTO: Royal Windsor Regulator Oak

W22E C- Precut Cherry:
W22E O- Precut Oak:
W22P- Plans:

This magnificent wall clock is fashioned after the Laterndl clocks of Vienna. The originals date back to the 18th century. They were usually fitted with a weight-driven movement and a round dial.

Our pre-cut kit is available in solid cherry or solid oak and can be enhanced with bevelled glass. We give you the choice of a round or square dial.

Specifications W22E

Height 36" (914 mm)
Width at top moulding 13.5" (342 mm)
Width at bottom moulding 10" (144 mm)
Weight 14 lbs. ( 6.1 kg)

Case Kit W22E

W22E O Oak, W22E C Cherry


For the W22E, order W22P.

Bevelled glass available. BGW22: 6 pieces (p. 21).

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