Detailed plans are available for all of the Murray clock kits and are included with every kit. However, if you're like many of our customers who find a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in building from scratch, simply refer to the catalogue page showing the clock you which to build, and order the plan number listed here.
The plans listed below are for clock designs that have bee popular over the years, but for which we don't carry kits any more. The movements, dials and hardware for these cabinets are available from this catalogue. If you order the Clock Plan Packages, the plans are included free of charge (see below)!

PHOTO: The Chelsea Bracket Clock


The Chelsea Bracket Clock
This mantle clock may be fitted with all the same movements as the SB4E, however, with a H6T triple chime movement we recommend the DJH200T dial. With all other movements, we recommend the WM40G dial and the MS200P (for the DS8).
Height 13-3/8" (334 mm)
Width 10-¼" (260.4 mm)
Depth 5-5/8" (142 mm)

PHOTO:The Frontenac Grandfather Clock Case

PHOTO: The Brunswick Barcket Clock

The Brunswick Bracket Clock

This large mantle clock with its arched dial may be fitted with either a mechanical movement (H6T triple chime, H1 bell Strike, H5 gong strike) or a battery movement (HQBC chime, QBC5 chime, BQ3S non-chime). All of these battery movements take the dial WB52.
Height 15-5/8" (397 mm)
Width 10-¼" (260.4 mm)
Depth 5-5/8" (142 mm)

F2E: & F6SE:
The Frontenac Clock Case

The F2E features a broken pediment; the F6SE has a solid pediment. Both have a rectangular shaped, fluted columns.
Height 82.5" (2100 mm)
Width 22.5" (572 mm)
Depth 12.25" (311 mm)

PHOTO: The Brighton


The Brighton
Height 11-1/8" (283 mm)
Width 7-3/4" (197 mm)
Depth 3-3/4" (95 mm)


The Sussex
Height 13-1/4" (337 mm)
Width 9" (229 mm)
Depth 4-1/4" (114 mm)

PHOTO: The Simcoe Wall Clock


The Simcoe Wall Clock
This handsome, medium-size wall clock will take any of the following movements: H16B, H17B, QB6PL, QBC5PL or HQBC5PL; and dial WB52.
Height 31" (787.4 mm)
Width 12-¾" (323.9 mm)
Depth 6-¼" (158.8 mm)

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* Plans only available for the following newly discontinued kits: G/F F4P, G/M M3P, M4P, wall W12P, W3P, W15P, W9P, shelf SB7P

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